A Tool for Creation of Tibetan Pecha
Downloads for Version 2.9
PechaMaker is licensed for free public use.
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Ready for Win 7 ready
PechaMaker Installer   (Version 2.9   2289KB - MD5 ED0DE2099293157BE84F968B3F30B3D1 )
This is a standard installer that lets you choose what you want installed.
Download this .exe file then double click on it and follow the directions.
Install choices include the PechaMaker program, the TibetanMachine font set,
examples, and the English version of the User's Guide in PDF format.
You can choose to create short cuts and to make registry updates to
associate the PechaMaker file types (.pxp .pxa .pxc .pxt) with PechaMaker.
Enabling the TibetanMachine install option will copy a .ZIP file containing
the font set for the TibetanMachine typeface to the install directory.
It will also install the 5 fonts if they are not already installed on your system.

On Vista and Win7 systems where one or more TibetanMachine fonts are already installed,
the installer will ask if you want to overwrite the existing TibetanMachine fonts.

On pre-Vista systems, if you want the PechaMaker installer to install fonts,
you must uninstall any existing TibetanMachine fonts before running the installer.
Any font file that is already installed on your system will not be changed.

The following downloads are optional.
You do not need these if you use the installer above.

This .ZIP file contains just the TibetanMachine font set.
The "PechaMaker Installer" file (above) includes these fonts,
the "" file (below) does NOT include these fonts.
(193KB - MD5 1BD3C0C569468FA3AE2A00801DFCDF24 )

If you have trouble with the standard installer you can try the following .ZIP file.
It contains the current version of PechaMaker, plus example files
and the English version of the User's Guide in PDF format.
Just unzip this file then double click on the extracted PechaMaker.exe file
(which is the PechaMaker program, not an installer).
Note that no registry changes are made to associate the PechaMaker file types.
(Version 2.9  1101KB - MD5 F19C4B7309A6FECD5F681BBA94E4C161 )

Updated January 31, 2018