ANSI Tibetan To Unicode

Attu helps you convert Tibetan text from older ANSI style fonts to Unicode.
  (It does not provide conversion back to non-Unicode.)

Attu takes a .RTF file as input and creates a new .RTF file as output.
Any text in a recognized ANSI Tibetan font is converted to your chosen Unicode font.
By default, the text formatting and font size (pitch) values are left unchanged.
(The size of converted characters will change even when pitch size values are not changed.
 This is due to differences in the height each font designer decided to use for a given pitch.)
A pitch-scaling factor can be set to increase/decrease converted text sizes by a percentage.

Attu recognizes about 20 Tibetan or Bhutanese typefaces from six different font families.
You do not need to have the original font or the chosen Unicode font installed.
This allows conversion of very old documents where the legacy font is no longer available.
(However, having the fonts installed allows you to check the accuracy of the conversion.)

All characters in any recognized font are converted to the selected Unicode font.
If text in a recognized font contains an unrecognized codepoint then Attu will
insert the Unicode "Replacement Character" 0xFFFD (�).

Use Attu with 4 easy steps:
   1) Just drag-and-drop a .RTF file onto the Attu program or the shortcut icon
       (or use the "Input File" browse button to select a .RTF file)

   2) Click the red "copy path" button to place the Output file next to the Input file
       (or use the "Output File" browse button to indicate a folder and filename for output)

   3) Select the desired Tibetan Unicode font name
       (if the desired font name is not listed you can type it in; be sure to spell it correctly.)

   4) Click the Run button
      (Click this image to enlarge it)
      Attu font converter
* NOTE: Attu can also be run in batch mode from a command line.
             Enter "Attu.exe -h" at the command line to see the syntax.
             Enter "Attu.exe -b" with your options to convert and exit without the GUI.

Your text can be any mix of fonts; only recognized fonts are converted.
Here is the list of recognized fonts:
  • Monlam
    • Monlam ouchan 1
    • Monlam ouchan 2
    • Monlam ouchan 3
    • Monlam ouchan 4
    • Monlam yigchong
  • Nitartha International (Sambhota)
    • Dedris
    • Drutsa
    • Ededris
    • Khamdris
    • Sama
  • Tibetan Computer Company (TCC)
    • TibetanMachine
    • TibetanChogyal
    • TibetanClassic
    • TibetanCalligraphic
    • DzongkhaCalligraphic
  • Tibetan Computing Resource Center (TCRC)
    • TCRC Bod-Yig
    • TCRC Youtso
    • TCRC Youtsoweb
  • Tibetan Library of Works and Arts (TLWA)
    • TB-Youtso
    • TB-TTYoutso
    • TB2-Youtso
    • TB2-TTYoutso
  • Others
    • LTibetan
    • LTibetanExtension
    • LMantra
NOTE: If you do not see your font listed, you could try a different program called UDP.
The Unicode Document Processor (UDP) can read many file types and recognizes some
older fonts that Attu does not recognize. You can read about UDP at
Attu is much simpler to use and does not modify the .RTF code except to change the fonts.

Attu runs on Microsoft Windows® 2000/XP/Vista/Win7   (no Mac version, sorry).

Attu is free to download and to use.   View the license file in PDF format.

Download for Version 1.4    Release Notes
Attu Installer   Version 1.4   ( 191KB - MD5 4227F1D1C75A1F4B4D05BCA229A3B6E5 )
Download this .exe file then double click on it and follow the directions.
This is a standard installer that lets you choose where to install the program
and which shortcuts to create.

For help or questions contact : support @

page updated August 25, 2015